Beautiful animals and so well bebaved

Wild life in our home

11 January 2018

Graham Cornick from Hydestile Resident Animals visited us with a few of his wildlife friends.  Graham has worked with wildlife for 40 years and gives talks to children and adults to encourage them to respect our wildlife and be aware of the hazards we create for them.  Today we saw Squeaky the Feral Pigeon who was true to his name, Kizzy the Kestrel, Charles the Chinchilla named due to the size of his ears, Bridgette the Hedgehog, Patches and Ginge the Guinea Pigs, Charley and Nell the Polecats and we also had a couple of rats which were not to everyone's delight.  It was wonderful to be able to interact with these delightful creatures.
Graham finished his talk with a little Barn Owl called Aggie who has sadly had two strokes, Graham still likes to bring him along as the interaction keeps him stimulated and he will hopefully keep improving. A couple of our lovely residents who were unable to join the group had a special visit from Aggie in their room.

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