Emotionally touched by the story unfolding

The London Children's Ballet present 'The Secret Garden'

1 October 2017

The London Children's Ballet visit was an absolute success amongst our residents.  We were all thrilled to visually perceive the ballet group presenting the psychological bildungsroman of little Mary Lennox 'The Secret Garden', whose character changed during the narrative from stubbornness and self-satisfied protagonist to a more generous spirit through the magic of the 'Secret Garden'!

Mary finds herself orphaned at the age of 10 and was sent to England to live with her uncle, Mr Craven, whom she had never met before. When meeting her uncle she hears the sound of crying coming from upstairs but was told never to go up there. One day in the garden a friendly Robin showed her the secret locked garden which everyone was forbidden to visit by her uncle since a tragic accident that caused the death of his wife leaving behind their new baby boy.  Mary goes to investigate the crying sound and finds a boy about her age in a wheelchair, he thinks he is going to die. Mary invites the boy, Colin, to see the garden. Over time the garden revives and Colin grows healthier, believing the garden is magical and Mary forgets to be sour.  Mr Craven hears voices coming from his 'locked garden' he is angry and shocked until he sees his healthy son walking. Everyone celebrates the miraculous transformation and joy is restored.

All residents were emotionally touched by the story unfolding before their eyes and amazed by the talented and skilled children. 

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