We always look forward to their performance.

The London Childrens Ballet 2018

23 May 2018

The London Children's Ballet will once again perform at The Red House on Saturday 23rd June at 2pm.  This year they will be presenting an abridged version of The Canterville Ghost, a witty, charming ballet based on Oscar Wilde's famous tale. Please join us to watch the very talented children perform.

'The story is about the ghost of Sir Simon Canterville who has haunted his ancestral home since 1584. The only way of breaking the curse he is under for his past wrongdoings is to be befriended by a young girl who would set him free to go to heaven. But he is too scary to make friends, and so the ghost gives up and enjoys frightening generations of the Canterville family. That is until the American Otis family buys the house. The Americans rather enjoy teasing the Ghost and this makes the Ghost furious at first, before he instead becomes despondent at the idea of having no friends and no respect either. But the eldest daughter in the family, 15 year old Virginia, is sweet and brave. She takes pity and agrees to enter his ghost world to set him free. When she comes back she tells the story of Sir Simon. She and the young Duke of Cheshire marry but Virginia keeps her secret of the night she went missing and the Ghost is at peace at last'.

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