Brilliant performance from very talented children.

The London Children's Ballet - The Canterville Ghost

23 June 2018

We were delighted that the London Children's Ballet visited us again.  This year they performed The Canterville Ghost, a story about Sir Simon Canterville who murdered his wife. His curse was to haunt the house of his ancestors until a young girl would befriend him and set him free to go to heaven. But he is too scary to make friends, and so the Ghost gives up and enjoys frightening generations of the Canterville family.  This is until the American Otis family buys the house! The Americans enjoy teasing the Ghost. This makes him furious at first, then sad, feeling that he neither has any friends nor any respect. But the daughter in the family, Virginia, is sweet and brave. She feels sorry for him and agrees to go into his ghost world to set him free. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show. The costumes were very flamboyant and the talented and graceful children were enchanting.  

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