Extremely talented children.

London Children's Ballet present The Little Princess

10 February 2020

The London Children's Ballet will once again perform at The Red House on Sunday 1st March at 2pm.  This year they will be presenting The Little Princess. 

This production follows the story of Sara Crewe, who is left in boarding school by her widowed father, Captain Crewe, whom Sara loves very much. When her father dies, the cruel headmistress makes Sara the school slave and banishes her to sleep in the freezing attic. A neighbouring Indian servant, Ram Dass, takes pity on Sara, bringing her gifts of food and warmth. When Sara visits her neighbours to thank them, a great mystery is unveiled, and she discovers that her father did not leave her penniless after all. She has inherited a fortune! Sara forgives her headmistress and the school bullies, and they all rejoice in the spirit of Christmas

Please join us to watch the very talented children perform.

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