Hydration and Nutrition are very important to everyone

Hydration Week

12 March 2018

We are always aware how important hydration and nutrition is to everyone which is why we are held a Hydration week.  Residents tried lots of various drinks throughout the week from smoothies to different types of tea. 

 Nutrition & Hydration week
(12th of March –16th of March)
Keep yourself Hydrated to stay Healthy
The following drinks will be made available throughout the day:

DAY 1: Smoothies and hot chocolate in the afternoon
DAY 2: Mocktails and a selection of fresh fruits
DAY 3: Milk shakes, different flavoured tea, coffee, cappuccino
DAY 4: Pimms and Champagne as part of celebrating the Cheltenham Festival
DAY 5: Guinness and Baileys celebrating St. Patrick's Day

*Please also note that the morning sherry, the gin & tonic, ginger beer, shandy, wine selection and other drinks will still be available.


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