'Are we going to sink?'

Dinner on the Captains Table

24 September 2018

Dinner with the Captain on the RMS Titanic was the theme for the day, the residents were all duly invited with a personalised boarding pass to be a guest at the Captains table for a delicious meal.  Our talented Chef recreated the menu to what was served on that fateful day. Guests enjoyed the banquet and were delighted they were not going to sink afterwards.  In the afternoon we watched 'The Titanic' film together.  We also had an illustrated talk from Angela Mackworth-Young about The Aristocrat, The Able Seaman and the tragic sinking of RMS Titanic.  Everyone was mesmerised by listening to a story about two people who survived the 'unsinkable' Titanic.  The letters exchanged between the two survivors are of great value to Angela, as one of the survivors was the Countess of Rothes, her great grandmother.

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