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Activities from January

27 January 2016

Entertainment and different types of activities are an important part of a Care Home due to its positive effects upon the residents. Listening to a variety of music genres that suits people's interests, musicians that sing and/or play on an instrument, or theatrical performances are always enjoyable and welcomed among the residents. 

The residents living at The Red House have the opportunity to choose, according to their interests, from a variety of activities, such as: gentle armchair exercises, reminiscence/discussion on past time, flower arranging, art/painting classes, quiz afternoons, board memory games, petting animal visits, hairdresser, hand massage, nail pampering.

Board memory games and quizzes are the most enjoyable activities amongst the residents. These type of activities enable interaction between them, to share opinions and have a discussion whilst having fun.

Positive attitude, energetic mood and interaction are all aspects that ought never to be left out while caring for a person. All these aspects bring about feelings of happiness and improve well-being. 

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